Southampton FC is Expanding The Coingaming Community Relationship

Southampton Football Club is proud to report that it has decided to renew the relationship with the Coingaming Group as its Exclusive Club Affiliate for another three years as a brand name,

The contract is the largest sponsoring arrangement in the history of the club which also provides the ability to pay the club a number of success incentives in Bitcoin at the end of every saison, เดิมพันกีฬาออนไลน์ which allows the club to benefit from the current high-intensity currency if it considers that it will offer important advantages in the future.

Build on strong 

Free stock photo of ace, addiction, baccaratThis alliance will help to strengthen’s good friendship with the club and its fans last year. Since they became Main Club Partners in August 2020, where they took up the sponsorship in the short term, they have tirelessly partnered with the club to make a meaningful contribution to their local society and to emphasise the importance of safe betting. Their “Hearing in You,” introduced during the Safer Gambling Week, along with a few Saints players to inspire fans to look at risks and place bets, were included in the work.

Positive impact 

The club launched a Positive Impact Pledge that enabled start-ups and entrepreneurs to qualify for subsidies to help them begin companies during Covid-19 pandemic. They have played a major role. has recently donated its jersey sponsorship to the Premier League match between Saints Foundation and Burnley to increase the foundation’s awareness of the fundraising efforts in collecting crucial funds lost in the pandemic.

Commented by David Thomas:

The team has built a thriving company by changing conventions and transforming the industry, but their approach to our relationship was nothing else. In a brief period of time, the club, our supporters and the broader community proved visionary, forward looking and supporting and accepted the chance to improve healthy gambling communications together. As such, we look forward to the next chapter together and become trusted friends.

Pärt Maarja, added:

Free stock photo of achievement, actor, adultThere have been more than hopes of our first season as Southampton FC’s principal club partner. The club and its supporters encouraged us and it was a straightforward choice for us for another three years to expand our relationship with the Saints. Southampton has always played the ideal match for’s friendly, fast, and fair way. This trip with the Saints cannot be waited for and we will do whatever we can to help the team and their families in the future.

Southampton Football Club is delighted to announce its agreement, in an agreement which will see its company,, as its front-of-shirt sponsor, extend for another three years its relationship with the Coingaming Group. 

Sportsbet impressed with the extremely positive effects it had on the company and its culture following their brief appointment as front-of-shirt sponsor for Southampton FC. The Premier League squad is also pleased to continue its relationship with the innovative blockchain until at least 2024 the squad and its culture will be supported in the future..

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